Ephemera Rose is a Bristol-based line of handcrafted jewellery owned by designer and maker Effie Dalton. 

A lifelong artist dabbling in various disciplines, Effie began taking silversmithing classes in the autumn of 2022, and fell in love with the medium. She founded Ephemera Rose the winter of the following year, initially working out of a friend's garage while between homes due to the Bristol housing crisis. 

Having always been drawn to eccentric fashion, Effie wanted to design delicately rendered statement pieces, alternative and quirky in nature, yet subtle enough for everyday wear. She takes inspiration from the celestial and natural worlds, '90s and '00s cinema, and painters and decorative artists of the Art Nouveau movement, among others. 

When not busy crafting at her workbench, she can be found at various markets around Bristol and the South West, happily chatting away to customers about her work.